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Welcome to One Dapper Gent


Do Good, Feel Good, Be Good!

Here at One Dapper Gent we are all about being the best version of ourselves so we can help build a community of unity and leave the world a better place wherever we go. We realize the importance of taking care of ourselves first. That’s why we live by the motto of take care of yourself so you can take care of others!



Hello, my name is Christopher Tucker, founder and owner of One Dapper Gent. One
Dapper Gent started in 2017 originally selling custom engraved wood watches. Much has changed over the years but our mission has stayed the same.  As we grew over the years, we found a need for stylish men’s accessories. There were a lot of great companies selling men’s accessories but saw a niche to product a service that other companies couldn’t provide. Customization.

We believe it should be your style, your way. That’s why we offer our products customizable to your taste or as a personalized gift to others.

Because we have multiple lasers in our shop we are able to custom engrave our products individually per our customers request. In 2022 we rebranded as are excited to launch our line of men’s beard care products and custom shaving accessories.

Welcome to One Dapper Gent!

Christopher Tucker, founder and owner.